A Multimedia system will enable you to access all of your music, personal photographs and videos at the touch of a button.

This system will allow you to store all of your favourite and personal media in a central location for you to access simply by using your television set.

Multimusic Room

With a multi music room feature, you will able to relay different styles of music into each room of your home, or play the same songs in each room. The choice will be yours.

High Definition distribution

Finally, a High Definition Distribution System that makes family squabbles over who want to watch what, a thing of the distant past; you will no longer require a sky box and DVD player in each room.

High Definition Distribution permits you to store all of these gizmos out of site in an area you choose, and with a single room controller you will be able to select whatever HD source you wish to view. The beauty of this is can you control all of this from any room of your choice.