Wireless Networking

In addition to the conventional cabled switched LAN environment we are able to provide comprehensive wireless infrastructure design, implementation and support services to meet the needs of office, campus, enterprise, warehouse, operational or public access environments. With over 10 years’ experience of wireless design and builds we have for many years been proving the business case for wireless solutions – saving organisations money through designing and provisioning enterprise wireless access and mobility solutions.

Wireless Solutions 

  • Corporate and Enterprise Wireless LAN and WAN
  • HQ buildings, meeting rooms, hot desk areas, reception, restaurant areas Retail PoS and warehouse
  • Public Wi-Fi ‘hotspot’:  Wireless Internet access for healthcare trusts, transport, hotels, service stations & airports. Combined with a VPN solution for the mobile employee
  • Point to Point Wireless Links
  • Operational Wi-Fi, Segregated data transmission for mission critical data
  • CCTV feeds, real time mobile and HD video transfer over IP Network

Technology Framework

  • Wireless Security including 802.1x EAP protocols
  • Wireless VLAN definition
  • Public Access Wi-Fi
  • Enterprise Wi-Fi overlay


  • Wireless corporate policy definition (devices, clients, access)
  • Enterprise Wireless Security and performance monitoring
  • Visibility and control of the entire enterprise wireless network with proactive monitoring and alerting on security and performance problems
  • Encryption measures
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration testing
  • Rogue access point measures, including wireless IDS/IPS
  • Compliance auditing and PCI compliance reporting
  • WIPS policy creation and management


  • Requirements analysis and technology evaluation
  • Enterprise 802.11 Wireless Network design
  • Enterprise security design
  • RF Survey, RF planning, and RF Virtual modelling
  • Pre installation site surveys
  • Spectrum analysis
  • Rogue access point detection and locating
  • Application testing, post installation site surveys, RF security assessments
  • Penetration testing
  • Bespoke build IP rated AP enclosures
  • Antenna design and bespoke manufacture including fire retardant materials for rail, oil and gas and utilities industries
  • Controller scaling, builds and configurations
  • Wireless device provision & management
  • Physical security
  • Policy definition & audit
  • Secure WLAN solution implementation


Did you know that three quarters of all network faults are cable related?

From loose connections to overheated sheathing, our IT support London team is here to put your network back on track. Ask us about cable replacements, hardware and IT purchase support, and cabling system design.

Your network is only as strong as its cables

Without working cables, your network has no lifeblood. A completely dysfunctional cable means no data gets through at all. Cables that are improperly or ineffectively routed, or which have too much data load going through them, will not work as well as they are intended. Talk to us about IT support in London designed to help you make the most of your network. Our network engineers are qualified to work on networks of all sizes.

We think about network cabling design so you don’t have to

Network design is as much about designing the cable routes as it is about specifying the right hardware systems for your business purposes. A structured cabling design ensures that no part of your system is overloaded unnecessarily, and that your whole network is easily scalable. Our London IT support engineers can build your network cabling layout from scratch, or assess and alter your existing cabling to make the best possible use of your available power.

We bring you the brands that matter

You can’t afford to buy the wrong hardware for your network – but that doesn’t mean you have to go for the most expensive option every time. Our network engineers are here to give you advice as well as hands-on design and build assistance. We’ll recommend the manufacturer, model and quantity of network cables you need for your current and future needs, without stepping outside of your budgetary constraints.

We get you more power for your budget

While top of the range cables do carry data faster and manage power and heat loads better, it’s perfectly possible to design a robust cabling network using midrange or budget options. Take advantage of our expertise to find the best cable for your wallet: and make the most of our contact book. We’ll get you the best prices on the cables the pros use, thanks to our long relationship with some of the biggest name suppliers in the world.

We make your network healthy again

Our first step is to diagnose your problem. Your Visteco qualified network engineer will test your hardware, your software and your cables to determine the precise nature of the fault. He or she then looks at ways in which your cabling system could be redesigned to speed up your network, make it less prone to faults and easier to expand in the future. If necessary, we’ll recommend manufacturers and models for new cabling: or if the problem is simply to do with the setup, we’ll design a new layout that best serves your power and data distribution needs.

We’re more than just a London IT support company

Our network engineers do it all: cabling design, consultation, planning, project management and final system build. Plus, we keep you in the loop after we’ve installed your new network. Ask us about ongoing IT support London services, from network cabling to mail server management