Broken screen, damaged front glass

Mobile phone screen repair is by far the most frequent repair in our store. We are committed to fix your device fast, while keeping the price competitive. In fact, you should expect perfect results !

Broken LCD screen or the only front glass broken ? Touchscreen doesn’t work ? Those things are one integral part bonded together and every time we have to replace the glass and the screen. It also results in better quality job.

We keep replacement LCD screens for most mobile phones in stock, so we can help you when you urgently need it. Apple iPhone usually have same as Samsung , Sony , Google phones and HTC smartphones screens.

We can also fix a broken LCD screen on your tablet and laptop. We specialise in Apple MacBook broken screen repairs including MacBook Retina and MacBook Air.

Always confirm with us parts availability before you start your trip.

Accidental liquid damage

Water damaged phone can be repaired but it is always a subject to diagnosing it first. You must bring it as soon as possible as battery needs to be disconnected and the motherboard should be washed immediately after the damage.

Bring it or send it so we can disassemble it and clean from minerals and dirt left by the liquid. After the motherboard is dry, we can start the diagnostic process. Sometimes the phone is fully working after the washing. Sometimes it needs some components, screen, battery or charging port replaced as well. If your phone cannot be repaired, we can try to recover your data.

There is no guarantee that water damaged phone can be repaired. We have a lot experience and hight success rate or around 75%.

We can also repair liquid damaged Apple MacBook laptops including latest MacBook Pro Retina and MacBook Air.

Please read the full description of water damage repair service before applying for the repair.

Problems with charging or issues with the battery

You don’t need a new phone if the battery doesn’t last as long as it used to. New battery replacement will do the job. Even if the phone shows 70% and then drops to 20%, it usually is the same thing.

Don’t thing too long ! If the battery behaves strange, the next step probably will be that it will start swelling. That can make some further damage to the internals of your phone.

If you are not sure if the problem is the battery or charging port, bring it for diagnostic. Our professional team will find the problem and offer a quickest possible solution.

Usually battery replacement services takes only 15 minutes up to 1 hour.

We can replace batteries on your MacBook too ! This service is fast and does cost much less than new phone or laptop.

Broken back glass, camera lens cracked

Broken back panel may result your phone to be weaker and prone to further damage. It can cut your fingers too. Usually it is a lens for the back camera so if it broken, you cannot make good pictures.

Some mobile phones including Google Pixel need to have the whole frame replaced as the glass is a part of it.

We can replace back panel on any mobile phone including iPhone X, iPhone 8, Google Pixel, Sony Xperia Z5, Samsung Galaxy S8, S7 Edge, or Nexus 6P. This service is much cheaper that the front screen repair.

Please note we cannot guarantee for your phone to be waterproof again.

Before your visit, please let us know about the color of your phone.

Software issues, bootloop problems

We can fix most of phone, tablet and laptop software issues within a day. We can help with firmware modifications too.

Does your Samsung, Google, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Huawei phone restarts on boot ? Do you need to change the firmware ? Do you need help with getting the bootloader unlocked ? We support most Android phones and iPhones.

For fixing software on mobile phones we use dedicated tool boxes that can perform repairs on a deeper level than when using standard USB cables.

For your Windows laptop software, we can help with the operating system, remove viruses, help with data transfer or recovery and refreshing your computer to factory settings.

Mac computers may require software help as well ! If your Mac is slow or hasn’t been maintained for more than a year, it can already become unstable. We can perform a total system reinstallation within 24 hours.

Sell your phone, we buy used and faulty

Sell your phone today. Get paid cash within minutes. We buy new, used or broken mobile phones, tablets and Apple MacBook laptops and iMacs.

If you have a broken phone and it is too expensive to fix it, we can buy it for parts. Do you want to exchange it for another phone ?

When you bring your phone to sell, we can help you to transfer your data including pictures, videos and contacts. We do that for free.

The process of selling is easy –  just email us describing the brand and model of you device, condition, color, included accessories, box. The original receipt is recommended but not essential. If it is the phone, please let us know what is the memory capacity, locked / unlocked and if it has ever been repaired before.

Most wanted list of devices includes iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+, LG G6, Google Pixel / Pixel XL and Apple MacBook laptops. For more info click the button below.